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5 Reasons to Start Homebrewing

There are many reasons to get started with homebrewing. Homebrewing is a hobby that lets you experiment, make, drink and share. There are many different enjoyable elements in this one hobby which is a part of what makes it great. 

Here are some of the best reasons to make brewing at home your new hobby

1. It is a hobby

Fairly obvious and impossible to argue against: It is a hobby. If you have tried finding a hobby but cannot find something that is suitable for you, brewing at home might be your one perfect hobby. The average homebrewer is a 42 year old male. So if that description fits you, you are in the most likely category to enjoy homebrewing. If you are a 22 year old female, you should try it too! Having homebrewing as your hobby means that you have something to spend your time being passionate about. The whole process from finding a recipe to waiting patiently while your beer is fermenting to enjoying it with friends and family. Every step has its own joys which combined makes it a complete journey.

2. Yes, even you can make great beer

Brewing beer at home might seem difficult and time consuming. That is not necessarily the case. You can spend a lot of time on it if you want to, sure, but you do not have to. We recommend starting with a beer brewing kit. They make it both fast and simple. You get everything you need often including ingredients and a recipe that makes the whole process simple. While it can be more interesting to make beer completely from scratch, we do recommend using such a kit in the beginning. Many brewers find the whole process surprisingly simple. When you get the hang of it, you can start to experiment beyond the beginner kits which will gradually make the hobby even more fulfilling. 

3. It can be economical

This depends on many factors: what beer costs in your area, how much you make and what equipment you use. However, most homebrewers save money in the long run compared to buying beer at stores / pubs. Making a batch of beer at home that is better than anything you have bought and also cheaper can be incredible. The economical factor of brewing is probably not the most important, but it is a welcoming bonus.

4. It can be social

Of course activities around beer can be social. When you brew your own beer even more so. Inviting someone over to taste your home made beer is something special. It is a completely different experience than meeting at a pub. The fact that you have made it is something you and your guests will appreciate. It is something you just have to try.

There are also many homebrewing clubs around the world. Joining them can be a good idea for socializing with other enthusiastic brewers, entering homebrewing competitions and attending different events. If there is not a homebrewing club around where you live, you could make one. Start with having a competition of making the best beer with a friend and there you have it.

5. You can make unique creations

Homebrewing is the perfect combination of art and science. Making sure that the fermentation is going according to plan is the science part. Besides from that, your creation can be completely unique. You want to make mustard truffle beer? Do it! Well.. don't. But you get the point. Pretty much any flavor can be added to your beer to make it exactly how you like it. You can find endless recipes online for both styles that has been around for centuries and new, exciting flavor combinations.

As you hopefully agree on by now, homebrewing as a hobby is great in many ways. Getting started can be very simple so just give it a try and indulge in the joys of brewing beer at home.

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