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Brewfather Plaato integrations: Plaato Keg and Plaato Airlock

April 08, 2020

Brewfather is the most popular app out there for homebrewers. It is easy to use and a handy tool to have along with brewing. Combining this with Plaato keg i products creates an ideal brewing experience. The Plaato Airlock integration has become very popular since it was launched and the Plaato Keg integration has been anticipated and requested by many of you. The Plaato Keg integration is finally here. Here are the Brewfather links to how to integrate the Plaato Keg and and Plaato Airlock:

Plaato Keg:

Plaato Airlock:

Plaato Keg Integration
It is finally here! The link to Brewfather about the integration is still very limited, however, it will be updated soon. To integrate, just go to devices page in the menu to set up your Plaato Kegs. You need an auth key per Keg you have. This can be requested by Plaato support at: Please write "Brewfather Keg auth" in the subject line to make it easy to keep track of the requests and to give you an answer fast.

Plaato Airlock Integration
The instructions for setting it up can be found in the link further up. This integration has become very popular fast. What you can see below is a screenshot from the Brewfather app in use with Plaato Airlock. Looks pretty good eeh?

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