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The Ultimate Christmas Wish List for a Home Brewer - Beer Gift Ideas

Hello homebrewer! Christmas is coming and that means two things (amongst others): 1 drinking a lot of beer and 2. people asking what you want for Christmas. While you take care of 1, we can help you with 2. Avoid getting socks and hairdryers by getting inspiration for cool and useful gadgets at all price points for your homebrewing that you can put on the top of your Christmas wish list.


PLAATO Valve, by Plaato
Plaato Valve homebrewing christmas gift
This is a product made by us at Plaato, so don't fully trust us when we recommend it! Even though we only make and recommend products that we actually use and enjoy using in our own brewing. You can however fully trust David Heath's review of the product:

"My initial reaction upon hearing about this product was one of wonder as to why nobody else had thought of such a useful product. The problems that it counters are issues that every homebrewer will encounter. Its benefits are as follows..."

Read the full review on why PLAATO Valve is the ultimate solution to suckback

The Guide to Craft Beer, by Brewers Association
the guide to craft beer book

We would recommend this inexpensive book for anyone who is interested in homebrewing: whether you are an expert or beginner. One of the best parts of brewing at home is creating something unique and exploring different styles and tastes of beer. Our favourite parts of the book are the 80+ beer style descriptions and flavor profiles and the beer and food pairing suggestions. This book is perfect for inspiration - when you want to make something new and impress friends and family by brewing something they have never tried or even thought of before.

Checktemp 1 Digital Thermometer, by Hanna
Checktemp® 1 Digital Thermometer - HI98509

Getting a thermometer for Chirismtas might seem like a boring gift. But when it is an essential part of your precious hobby - homebrewing, it becomes boring in a good way, like James May. If you don't have one already, you probably need one. This model from Hanna is reliable and precise.



PLAATO Airlock, by Plaato


A device for tracking the progress of your fermentation progress, from anywhere in the world - straight to your phone. The Plaato Airlock. The product is made by us, so read the reviews from some of the best homebrewers out there, rather than listening to us. The device estimates specific gravity, measures percentage of alcohol and lets you know when your brew is finished. It has a "learning mode" that makes is even more precise as you use it several times.

Brew bucket, by SS Brewtech


SS Brewtech brewbucket christmas wichlist

Brew in style with the SS Brewtech 7-gallon brew bucket. This is undoubtably a sexy product that you should consider for your Christmas wish list. There is a reason why there is a lot of hype around SS Brewtech in the homebrewing community. Upgrading from brewing in plastic has a number of advantages. Steel is more sanitary than plastic and obviously safer than glass. Steel also lasts a lifetime. Steel also minimises the chance of affecting the brew with taste. Besides from the many practical aspects, there is something compelling with the feel and design of these sexy brewbuckets compared to plastic. 

Brew SSSiphon, by BrewSSSential


BrewSSSiphon - Christmas wishlist
The argument for having this this steel siphon on your Christmas wish list are similar (or pretty much exactly the same) as the SS Brewbucket. It is sssteel, it is practical and first of all sssexy. Plastic siphons often leak or break, as I am sure you are familiar with - this product won't. This siphon can probably last a lifetime.

Draft Beer Tower, Various


 Micromatic BRIG-5-M Kegerator Craft Beer Tower

Let's say you have everything on the list. Your equipment for brewing beer is in check. What can you possibly want then? A draft beer tower of course! This goes right into the category of sexy. After working on brewing your beer to perfection, presenting the beer in style is the important last part. Get the wow-factor from friends, family and yourself with draft beer towers for your home pub. They come in many different varieties - that's why have not listed one particular for this list. You can choose the number of taps per tower and and between having them connected to a refrigerator or seperately. You will surely find a fit for your existing or non existing home pub.

Whether you are experienced, or a beginner in home brewing, if you already have the coolest gear out there, this list hopefully has some suitable inspiration for your Christmas wish list. Brewing beer and upgrading gear is an endless hobby. Even though the gear is not the most important thing in brewing, it can certainly add some spice to your hobby. Have a lovely Christmas!

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