Compare batches with the PLAATO Pro Webapp

Compare batches with the PLAATO Pro Webapp

Learning from and improving on batches is an integral part of brewing. In the PLAATO Pro Webapp you can easily get an overview over temperature, density, and fermentation profiles between different historical or ongoing batches.

Batch comparison can help you to: 

🍻 Maintain consistency time after time.
📉 Understand deviations between batches.
🔮 Improve upon your recipes.
👨‍🔬 Optimize yeast cropping.


Select up to 4 fermentation batches and layer the fermentation graphs over each other to compare and to learn what worked best during the batches, or what could be improved upon for your next batch.

This is how easy it is to set-up: 

PLAATO Pro Webapp Batch Comparison


You have the option to select what unit to compare on the graphs. Click on the eye icon to select or deselect temperature or density. Using the sliders beneath the chart you also have the option to adjust and align the start/end time of the datasets across your selected batches.

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