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Digital Density Meter

Digital density meter

A digital density meter allows you to monitor the density of a liquid or beverage with a high degree of preciseness.

Adding real time functionality allows you to monitor the change in density continuously over time. This feature is especially useful when monitoring dynamic processes, like fermentation of beer, wine, cider and other alcoholic fermented beverages.

The density of the liquid is one of the most important parameters to have a close eye on when optimizing the production.

After pitching yeast in a brew, a lot of processes is taking place - and the easiest way to make sure that the fermentation has the desired progress, is to monitor the change of density over time. Today this is typically achieved by taking manual samplings from the fermenters - an activity that typically is necessary to do everyday.

A typical anomaly seen in production of beer is that the yeast is unable to consume the sugars of the wort in an acceptable rate. This measure is called rate of fermentation, and is important to obtain both quality and repeatability. 

 Density can be measured by numerous techniques, each with its benefits and shortcomings. The most popular digital density meter techniques includes:

All these methods are invasive density meters that sits in direct contact with the beverage that is being monitored

Inline density meter

In order to obtain continuous readings of the beverage as it evolves through the fermentation process, inline density meters are most used. These sits directly on the fermenters and measure density in realtime. Data is typically sent using cabled communication to a control system. 


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