Game Changing Fermentation - PLAATO Pro Customer Story

Game Changing Fermentation - PLAATO Pro Customer Story


Bentley Brook Brewing - PLAATO Pro Customer Story

"Plaato Pro has been a massive help to us, in several ways. It gives us increased confidence in our manual readings and helped create more comprehensive audit trails and brewing records,

but the main benefit for us has been knowing when to start the main fermentation and post fermentation processes; dry hopping and cold crashing. We can make sure we've given the batch just the right amount of time for a diacetyl rest before drawing the yeast off, dry hopping and/or cold crashing. This means quicker, easier and better beer!

We have loved being able to check the status of fermentation on demand, without having to go down to the brewery. We can do it from home, any time of day or night.The app is clear and slick, really easy to use and we’ve made a couple of improvement suggestions which we hope to see in the future.

It is game changing fermentation."

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