Hopsized Brewing - PLAATO Pro Customer Story

Hopsized Brewing - PLAATO Pro Customer Story

Hopsized Brewing - PLAATO Pro Customer Story

Hopsized Brewery is a local brewery in Bonita Springs Florida that started out from a couple; Ana Rodriguez de Vera & Darlyn Victor’s love for craft beer and breweries. The couple co-own and run the brewery that produces craft beer that has gained popularity and won competitions against brewers who have been brewing for over 10 years.

Hopsized Brewing started brewing with PLAATO Pro late last year and we recently sat down with Tripp Allen, the Head Brewer at Hopsized, to learn about his experience brewing with PLAATO Pro for fermentation management.

Hopsized Brewing

Head Brewer Tripp and the owner Victor at Hopsized Brewing

PLAATO Pro has saved me a lot of time and headaches from having to constantly check gravities; or coming back into the Brewhouse extra early the day after brewing to make sure that the yeast has kicked off and not in a lagging state.

"Being able to know precisely when the yeast has stopped working so that we can then move onto our next important step of harvesting the yeast for future brews!"

I can now easily see if the gravity has started dropping from the comfort of my home (I even often check in the middle of the night when getting a glass of water out of my own curiosity!!).

I have also been enjoying watching the fermentation graph to see how the 2nd and 3rd generations of yeast have been fermenting out faster due to increased cell counts and more healthy propagation.

The PLAATO Pro has also been very helpful for me personally with spunding my lagers...

"...now with active gravity readings I can be precisely sure when fermentation is close to complete so as to begin the spunding (or natural carbonation process) at the right time!"

I have been recommending, and just showing off the PLAATO Pro to all my local brewer friends showing them how helpful it is.

My experience so far has been very positive. While there have been a few hiccups (as to be expected with any new advanced piece of technology) the support team has been very helpful in resolving any issues that I have experienced. PLAATO Pro has been incredibly helpful in managing our fermentation process.

"Because as a brewer you can much more easily manage fermentation without risk of infection, and have much more precise and time sensitive fermentation documentation."

Overall, I really enjoy using the product!!


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