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Know the Homebrewer: Addison Lippert

We are pleased to have Addison as a part of this this blog series! In "Know the Homebrewer", we will interview one passionate homebrewer every week. Addison talks about going semi-pro, flaws in the judging system at brewing competitions and more juicy stuff.

Adisson won a second place in the Plaato Keg Limited Black edition competition we had a while back by entering a picture of his brilliant home bar on Instagram. Check out his account @barley_pop_brewing, to follow his homebrewing journey!

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Day job
: Stay at home dad of 2 girls! 4 years old and 7 months old.
What or who got you into homebrewing? When was it?
My wife bought me a 1 gallon kit from Williams-Sonoma a little over 9 years ago, as a Christmas present. Her dad used to brew back in the early 90s, and she had fond childhood memories of it. So she thought it would be something fun for me to do. Little did she know the monster she created!
Can you tell us an interesting story about homebrewing?
My most interesting story would be when my wee heavy got brewed commercially. I took a chance on a company (no longer exists) and asked if they were looking for new beer for their subscription packs. As luck would have it, I was picked along with 3 others to submit our recipes to have our beers brewed commercially. Fast forward a few months, and a friend of mine is at a house party and sees that my beer from the subscription pack is there! It was a glimpse into knowing what it’s like when your beer has made it into a consumers hands.
How is brewing a social thing for you? Do you like brewing with others?
I have met and become lifelong friends with many people I have met with brewing. Some of my best friends are also brewers. I do enjoy brewing with others. It’s always nice to share a beer and chat while brewing.
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What advice would like to give to other homebrewers?

Don’t worry about all the latest and greatest toys on the market and who has what. You can make amazing beer with super simple equipment, and a lot of the things you can make yourself. Also don’t get caught up in the judging of beers at competitions. While it’s fun feedback, it’s also very subjective. If you’re even just a little out of the style guidelines, you’ll loose points. Stay true to yourself and what you like to brew and drink!
What is the best beer you ever made? And the worst?
Best beer would be my Wee Heavy. Worst beer....a peppermint stout with peppermint oil. Oil was a bad idea.
Tell us about your favorite styles to brew
I love to brew anything that sounds good to me. If I had to pick a favorite, it would be anything with oatmeal. Something about the smell and the way it looks brings me joy.
head retention challenge

#headretentionchallenge on a black IPA

Tell us about your brewing plans for the future
Working on a plan to go semi-pro and sell at farmers markets. I’ve been looking at this for some time, and I just want to make sure I do it right. Many moving pieces that aren’t very clear.
What is your experience with Kveik?
Very limited experience. I used it one time without knowing what it was. I have a few strains in vials that I plan to use very soon!
What equipment do you use and why?
My current brew house is a single vessel sanke keg that I inverted and is electric, and is all home built. I ferment in an old fridge with and Inkbird ITC-308 and a variety of fermenters. I have landed on a single vessel eBIAB system because it is super simple, makes a lot of beer and I can sort of “set it and forget it” should my kids need me for anything.
homebrewing setup

Are you satisfied with that or are you thinking about upgrading?

I’m very satisfied with my system! The only thing I’d like to upgrade is my fermentation situation. Either get glycol or build a chamber that is controlled by an AC unit.
How are your experiences with PLAATO Airlock and PLAATO Keg? What do you think of being able to share the hobby with wifi-connected devices?
To be perfectly honest, I have never used either product. Not because I don’t want to, just because it’s out of budget for me. That said, the folks at PLAATO make some amazing products, very well thought out with good user interface as well as customer support. They have answered many questions for me, and I look forward to adding their products to my arsenal.
Do you have an unpopular opinion about homebrewing?
after years of entering competitions, I feel like they are a waste of time and energy. Instead of judging the beer that’s strictly based on style guidelines, it should be based on technical merit. Yes there should be some sort of factor in there of what style it is in, but I think the vast majority of Homebrewer‘s aren’t trying to brew a 100% to style west coast IPA for example, people are experimenting with different hops and yeast and grain and adjuncts and I feel like trying to enter what started out as a West Coast IPA in that category is only doomed to fail. Trying to enter in the specialty category is too broad. I just think the entire judging structure needs to be revised.
Any closing thoughts?
always have fun brewing and be patient. No matter how horrible of a brew day you had, you would be surprised at what your beer will turn into at the end. Just be patient with yourself and your ability and know that things will turn out in the end. And always have a beer on hand for brew days!


  • Jim Lippert said:

    Outstanding Son! Very Proud of You! Just keep on your Plan and Dream! ♡♡♡

    September 24, 2020

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