Fermentation Activity: The Speedometer for Your Fermentation Process

Fermentation Activity: The Speedometer for Your Fermentation Process

Our team has been working tirelessly to enhance your fermentation monitoring experience, and we are thrilled to announce that Fermentation Activity is now available in your mobile and web app to help you monitor your fermentation processes.


🌟 What is Fermentation Activity? 

Fermentation Activity is a single number that represents the current state of fermentation by measuring the rate of decline in gravity. It's displayed in either °P/h (plato per hour) or mSG/h (milli specific gravity per hour). Think of it as a speedometer that tells you exactly how your fermentation is progressing.

🚀 How will this feature benefit you? 

With Fermentation Activity, you no longer need to rely on multiple density measurements to understand your fermentation progress. This innovative feature offers two major benefits:

  1. Easily identify when fermentation starts: Quickly detect issues with your batch caused by unhealthy yeast, too small yeast pitch, or temperature problems.
  2. Determine when fermentation ends: Pinpoint the optimal times for cold crashing and diacetyl rest, improve tank turnover and increase production capacity. 
  3. Use historical fermentation activity values to provide valuable insights into yeast health and overall process efficiency.

💡Get started with Fermentation Activity 

Access Fermentation Activity is now available on both web and mobile through your batches and devices. 


Thank you for your continued support, and we look forward to empowering your craft brewing, cider, mead, distilling, and wine-making endeavors with this new feature! As always, we are curious to hear your feedback. Drop us an email at support@plaato.io to share your thoughts on how we can make fermentation monitoring even better. 


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