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PLAATO Airlock Reviews

PLAATO Airlock Review

The PLAATO Airlock has been on the market since May 2018, and over 6000 airlocks are now bubbling away in over 60 countries worldwide.

Fortunately many respected brewers has helped us making thorough reviews of the products, and we will link them here. When enthusiastic homebrewers discover how our products can add amazingness to the brewing process, we dance of joy because that means that we are achieving our mission.

The Spoon
"PLAATO Adds IoT Smarts To Beer Fermentation"

Hume Brew
"it’s a useful and attractively priced tool to measure the progress of the most important stage in brewing"

Brew Dudes
"I have to admit that it was really cool opening the app at work and watching my brew bubble away!"

Also be sure to check out all the users of the PLAATO Airlock on Instagram. We enjoy interacting with all the amazing brewers enjoying our products. All of you homebrewers are the reason we are doing this. Every product we make is with the purpose of imrproving the already brewing process of making beer at home for all of you. That is why your opinions matter to us more than anything.


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