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Plaato Analytics for bars: Reduce Waste, Increase Sales

Plaato analytics is the tap management system that helps bar owners and bar workers reduce waste, optimize sales and gain full control by tracking data from your taps in real-time. Plaato has sold 13.000 products to the home-brewing market. We are now in Q1 2020 entering B2B with a vision of delivering the best possible solutions to our customers. Our goal with Plaato Analytics is to create a tool for bar owners and bar workers that will make their work easier, more enjoyable and more profitable. The limited pilot program is open now, at the perfect time for bars to get that extra boost to optimize revenue from day one, don't miss your chance!

How It Works



Simply Connect the Plaato Hardware to Your Kegs



Receive Valuable Insights to Every Pour

The hardware is designed to be durable and be as simple as possible to install. Each keg is placed on top of customised load cell based hardware. The installation is quick and simple, without having to cut the lines connected to taps, as opposed to flowmeters. There are a bunch of ways to optimize for bar owners and workers with the information gained from the system. The information is primarily presented through live updates in the bar for the staff and in daily and weekly reports.

The Benefits

Know your pours. Plaato Analytics helps you make sure that ever pour is as close to perfect as possible. The potential for improvement is significant. Around 22% of craft beer on tap is wasted. That equals to one in five pints. The waste is caused by over-pours and unaccounted pours. Under-pours should also be avoided. Since ever pour is recorded in the system with Plaato Analytics, it is easy to identify the source of waste and reduce it by training and informing staff.

Time management in bars is crucial. Being able to predict precisely when a keg needs to be changed can help the people working in a bar with planning to change the keg in time without running dry when there is peak traffic. A brewery barrel should ideally be consumed within four days of opening before it starts becoming stale. It is a "just in time" product. The system lets you know exactly how long each keg has been on tap which can be used to ensure that the beer, nitro coffee or cocktail on tap is fresh.

A powerful marketing tool
. You will be in full control of how much is being sold at what parts of the day and in what combinations. You will know what beverages are tricky to sell out and what sells out fast. Based on this, you can tailor special offers for your customers which will drive increased sales. The customers can also get access to exactly what is on tap and how much is left. This could be a cool additional feature that will engage customers. All of this can be presented in the form of a digital menu that can be accessible on your website or on a screen at your bar.

Know what and when to order. A customer never wants to hear "We are out of that" when trying to order their favourite beer. The bar never wants to replace a top performer with an under-performer due to running out. The system makes it easy to plan how much of what should be ordered to the bar at what times, so that you avoid those situations. Its a win-win! You will get reports containing how much you have left and estimations of when you will go out of certain beverages. Never run out of your beverages and make sure that there is a certain demand for all beverages kept on tap in the bar.

Limited Pilot Program

Before the full accessibility of Plaato Analytics is ready for anyone with a bar to install, we are running a limited, small scale pilot program. Through the program, we will learn about people working in different bars all over the worlds experience with Plaato Analytics. Together with them, we will make a solution that suits different peoples needs the best way. Thus far, we have installed in craft pubs, nitro coffee bars and bars with cocktail on tap. The system will be suitable for establishments with any form of beverage on tap, that is why feedback from all of them is important. Since there are many different, exciting benefits from installing Plaato Analytics, we want to find out what people value the most how they want these values presented. Working closely with the ones who will use the system helps us optimise it with their experience in mind. We would like to hear from you if you think your establishment could be suitable for the program.

If you are considering integrating Plaato Analytics in your bar to make it even more awesome and profitable, you can sign up for the limited pilot program here.

Btw: The signup for  Plaato Industrial, real-time gravity monitoring is also open now. Cheers!

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