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Plaato Keg Review: An UFO with Addictive Features

The PLAATO Keg is available for preorder at a discounted price right now. It is a device that gives you the level of beer inside your keg straight to your phone. It also gives you the real-time pouring status: How much each pour is.

David Heath Homebrew, one of the most respected home brewer opinion leaders out there, tested a prototype of the product and had a positive experience and that it is affordable. He thinks it looks like an UFO and has addictive features. Wohoo. David has also reviewed the Valve - the suckback protector.

Watch the full independent and unpaid review by David Heath here: Preview of Plaato Keg With Prototype Show & Tell 4K HD. Or check out the transcript to the video underneath. 

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Hello and welcome to the video. In this video I'll be sharing information on my experiences so far around a new product that will be coming into the world market in the near future. I've been involved with beta testing the Plaato keg, which is a Wi-Fi connected device that measures each and every pour you make from your connected keg. All you have to do is mount your keg on top of it set up your smartphone or tablet app and it will monitor one keg or multiple kegs at once from one app.

One feature that I have really enjoyed is that each time you pour from a connected keg at the end of the pour you get a notification straightaway telling you how much you have poured. I warn you this gets rather addictive. It's solely non-evasive, requires no cleaning or maintenance and is set to be priced at an affordable sum.

Via the app you can see at a glance how much each keg still has remaining and for me this has been very useful for making sure that I minimize the downtime of each of my kegs. The images you have seen so far are all showing how the finished product will look. This has not always been so stylish, believe me, let me show you behind the scenes of my beta testing so you can see one of the prototypes that I've been using for testing. Here is the awesome box that I received last year. I've replaced the contents back the same way as I found them to share with you the same experience that I had on day one. It felt very cool to see this amount of attention to detail even with a prototype.

The prototype itself is 3d printed and apparently each one took 10 hours to print. Even so it's nowhere near as stylish as the final version. On the edge here you can see where you connect to power by flipping it over. You can now see where the load cells are. These are measuring the keg weight in a synchronization 10 times a second. The load cell was on the final version are of course covered, but as you can see this is not the case with the prototype. I am in a very fortunate position in the fact that I get asked by various companies to beta-test brewing related products.

You will never hear me grumble about this but usually prototypes are suffering with numerous problems. Myself and those that I know that have also helped test this have all said all along that there has really been very little to say in feedback about this because it just simply works.

Let me finish off here by showing you this powered up I've been using Power Cells like this one attached to USB, but you can also use a USB plug if your kegerator like mine has a port so that you can have your co2 bottle outside you can then simply run the cable through this port. If not then a mobile phone charger like this one will certainly do the job. The Plato keg uses a very standard USB cable like many smartphones use for charging. Once you look around the device you'll notice there are various different lights within it when I first powered this up and took a look around it. It reminded me somewhat of a UFO or alien spacecraft which is very fitting really for something this smart and and accurate.

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