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Plaato Keg Wins two Red Dot Awards

We are excited to announce that we have won two Red Dot Awards in 2020! Every year since 1955, thousands of brands submit their flagship products to the Red Dot award. A handful of them with extraordinary design quality gets picked as winners. This year, in 2020 Red Dot have created two new categories; "Best innovative product" and "best smart product". Plaato has won the category best smart product with the Plaato Keg Management System. According to Red Dot, the categories are created to recognise the significant developments in smart products, artificial intelligence and sustainable technologies.

Plaato Keg Management System also won the classic category "Best Industrial Design". In house development of hardware is at the core of Plaato as a company. We devote a tremendous amount of time and energy into making the products as close to perfect as possible, therefore, this recognition is greatly appreciated.

The Plaato Keg Management System

The jury evaluates each product through two sessions. The first one is an overall view of the products. The second one re-evaluates the entries with more specific aspects in mind. The jurors make their decisions after having examined each product submitted in detail.

According to Red Dot, the emphasis for the smart product category will be on connectivity, interaction design and the system as a whole. Red Dot writes the following on the new categories: "
If a product receives a distinction in the “Smart Products” metacategory, this is proof that it successfully achieves the complex interaction between humans and technology in the age of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things." We, the team at Plaato are humbled by these words. We are aspiring be at the front line of Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things.

What does Apple, Ferrari and Plaato have in common?

Apple watch Series 4, Ferrari SF90 Stradale, Plaato Keg

You guessed it. They we have all won Red Dot awards in 2020. As a small team, it is an honor to stand next to tech giants like these big companies.

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