PLAATO Pro now integrates with BrewMan

PLAATO Pro now integrates with BrewMan

We are excited to announce that PLAATO Pro is integrating with BrewMan. From now on you can access your PLAATO Pro fermentation data from the BrewMan platform giving you a full overview of your ongoing brewery operations. 

BrewMan is an all-round cloud based brewery management platform, which offers a complete system to effectively track the day to day business processes of order tracking, stock control, customer invoicing , distribution planning, delivery runs, and cask tracking. BrewMan is currently available in the UK, US, South Africa, Australia, Sweden, and Germany. 

Learn more about BrewMan:

How the integration works:

Once you have both systems installed, you can assign your Plaato Pro to specific vessels within BrewMan and link your quality control tests together. This will enable the automatic recordings in Plaato to appear in the assembly record of any batch in a linked vessel every 15 minutes.


What our customers say

Clark, the Head Brewer at Bedlam brewery was the first to use the integration and had this to say:

“Linking BrewMan with Plaato was a simple process and will allow me to seamlessly pull in quality control readings for our batches.” 

How to set up integration

If you want to integrate your PLAATO Pro with BrewMan you can find the instructions here. For any questions you can always contact us on Whatsapp or send an email to

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