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Useful 3D Printed Parts for Plaato Airlock

The airlock is a pretty clever tool, at least we think so. Therefore, it deserves to be accompanied by some pretty clever 3D printed friends. The parts are posted on Thingiverse - an awesome portal for sharing 3D print files. We have printed them all on our Formlabs 3D printers and can confirm that they work well and deliver on their purpose. Here are links to the different parts: carboy / bucket holder, SSBrewtech unitank leg mount and when not in use holder.

Carboy / Bucket Holder
This 3D print is perfect for when you are fermenting with limited space, for example on a shelf. As seen on the pictures, you attach a tube from the fermentation tank to the airlock which is placed on the side of the vessel. It is easy and straightforward.

SSBrewtech Unitank Leg Mount
This is another way of placing the Plaato Airlock on somewhere else than the top of the fermentation vessel. It is specially designed for SS Brewtech´s Unitanks. The pictures pretty much explains themselves.

When Not In Use Holder
This one is pretty much explaining itself. When you for some reason do not have fermentations going and your Plaato Airlock is not in use, you can place it on this holder. Since the Airlock is RedDot award winning for its groundbreaking design, we tought it would be suitable to let it rest in style.

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