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Useful 3D Printed Parts for Plaato Keg

Nothing is better than to enjoy a beer while wainting for the next 3D printed thing to be ready, or to play with 3D printed things while waiting for the next batch of beer to be ready. The absolute peak happens when homebrewing, especially tech gadgets for homebrewing and 3D printed pars is combined. That is probably what the clever homebrewer Denis Cheong thought as well when he made open-source files for useful things to go with the Plaato Keg. They are now available on Thingiverse: Triple Kegerator Platform and CO2 Cylinder Stabiliser 2.6 KG.

Triple Kegerator Platform
Many homebrewers who buy Plaato Kegs get at least three. This is because they have several brews ready for tap at the same time and because they have figured out how awesome the Plaato Keg is. When having many Plaato Kegs, fitting them perfectly in a refrigerator can need some tweaking. A brilliant solution to this is the 3D printed triple kegerator platform. It is designed to solve this exact issue. This is how it looks by itself:

This is how a Plaato Keg setup looks without the 3D print. The space is thight:

The quck fix is to place the 3D print as seen on the picture:

Then, place one Plaato Keg on top. This will give you the extra couple of centimetres you need:

CO2 Cylinder Stabiliser 2.6 KG
The Plaato keg is also useful for measuring how much is left in CO2 cylinder and to detect potential leaks. This is another reason why people buy several of them. Small CO2 cylinders on 2.6 KG will fit perfectly despite their narrow size with this 3D printed solution. This is how the two 3D printed parts fit on the Plaato Keg:

The three parts seperately:

The small part is placed on top of the keg like this:

The larger part is placed on top and fits a 2,6Kg CO2 Cylinder perfectly: Brew on!

Check out the prints at along with other cool things to 3D print. We have printed them for ourselves on our 3D printers from Formlabs which we also used for prototyping of both the Plaato Keg and the Plaato Airlock.

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