Getting Started With Your PLAATO Pro

Getting Started With Your PLAATO Pro

🚀 Lets get Started with your PLAATO Pro 🚀

Hey there, new PLAATO Pro user!

If you're here, it means you're on the brink of a fermentation revolution with your brand-new PLAATO Pro.

If you are reading this, it means that you have just ordered your PLAATO Pro, received it in the mail, or are just very curious about how to get it started.

Let's get this party started and get your first reading on your next batch!


🛠 Step 1: Get Official with Your PLAATO Pro Account! 🛠

Your first mission: Account setup. Search for an email on your inbox that says: “Welcome to PLAATO! Create your account now!”

PS: If you’re unable to find the email, just reach out to your customer success manager who can resend this to you.

Open that email from us and click on the unique registration link.

Already registered your account? Great.


  1. You can register using your own email, or you can have anyone from your production team use the registration link.
  2. Once you're in, you can also invite as many new users as you'd like directly within the app.

    This feature allows you to easily collaborate with your team members and grant them access to the PLAATO Pro Account. Simply click on the "Add New Users" option in the app and enter their email addresses. They will receive an invitation to join your account and start working together seamlessly.

Additionally click here for a helpful guide on changing the settings on your PLAATO Pro account.


🌐 Step 2: Hook Up to the Internet 🌐

To keep you in the loop with all your fermentation magic, your PLAATO Pro needs a solid internet connection. Inside your PLAATO Pro box, you’ll find the Plaato Connect, an ethernet cable, and a power cord.

The Plaato Connect helps you with this. Lets get it up and running?

  • Plug the pro-connector into power using the power cable.
  • Connect one end of the ethernet cable into the WAN Port and the other end into the LAN port on your WiFi router.
  • You should see within minutes, a LED Light come on on the Plaato Connect. (Sometimes it can take a couple of mins to show the LED light)
  • Connection is complete when all three white LED lights come on 👍
  • The PLAATO Connect needs to remain turned on and connected to your WiFi router as long as the PLAATO Pro device is in use.
  • The PLAATO Connect has been pre-programmed to work with the PLAATO Pro. Avoid pushing on the buttons on your PLAATO Connect.

Note: Remember, keep that PLAATO Connect hooked up and powered on. It’s the heartbeat of the whole operation.

Feeling Stuck? Please write in to with the subject: “Help configuring the PLAATO Connect” if you have challenges connecting.


🔋 Step 3: Power Up! Its time to insert your Batteries! 🔋

⚠️ Before turning on your PLAATO Pro, you will need to insert your batteries.

  • Unscrew the lid on your device

  • Take out your batteries from the side pockets of your PLAATO Pro bag

  • Using the "pull ribbon", pull out the battery holder

  • Insert the batteries into the empty battery holder

  • Gently slide the battery holder back into your device


🚀 Step 4: Ignite the Engines, Lets Switch your PLAATO Pro on! 🚀

With the lid unscrewed, toggle the power switch button to "on"

PLAATO Pro On/Off Button

You should feel the device vibrate or hear a beep. The White LED Lights will turn on from L-R in a sequence then they will flash twice and the device will go to sleep. Your device is now on and has successfully connected to the Plaato Connect.

Note: If you experience a red light or something feels wrong, please write to your customer success manager with the subject: “Help connect my PLAAATO Pro”.


🤝 Step 5: Seal the Deal by Downloading the PLAATO Pro App 🤝

Before adding your PLAATO Pro to your account you should have:

To add your PLAATO Pro to your account, please download the PLAATO Pro App for iOS or Android from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Download IOS app

  • Log into the mobile app using your PLAATO Pro account credentials
  • Tap on "Account > Devices > Tap on the Plus (+) icon"
  • Scan the QR code located on your PLAATO Pro like below👇🏼
  • Scan your PLAATO Connect the same way

Voila! Your devices is now added to your PLAATO App 🌟

Note: To scan an additional PLAATO Pro tap on "Devices > Add a new device"

Scan PLAATO Pro and PLAATO Connect


  1. Please make sure you install the PLAATO Pro app and not the PLAATO App

  2. Check that the WiFi icon is displayed on your device.

  3. This indicates you are successfully connected to cloud. If what you see is a "crossed-cloud" icon, your device is not connected.

We are sure you are super excited about getting a first reading from your device. If you don't have a brew ready to go, no worries! You can still do a manual mode end test it out.


🥳 Step 6: The Moment of Truth - Your First Reading 🥳

PLAATO Pro will automatically measure density every 30 minutes.

To get a quick first read, you can run a small batch.

Please make sure all the steps above have been completed before placing the device into your test batch.

Important: Your device should not be in contact with the container you are testing with. Please note that if you testing in water will not produce accurate results due to oxygen present in water.

  • With the lid unscrewed, place your PLAATO Pro into a test batch. Make sure the tines and stem are fully immersed in the liquid, and not coming in contact with the container

  • If the device is already turned on, please tap on 'reset' to get a reading.

  • It should read for around 14-16 secs, then you can take out your device.

  • Drag down your app to refresh it, tap on 'Devices' select the device. You should see the Density and Temperature reading just taken on the graph.

    You will also see the timestamp for when your device was online💫

Tip: We encourage you to add manual measurements to your PLAATO Pro App at the start of your full batch for reference purposes

Got a full batch ready to ferment? You can proceed to mount your PLAATO Pro into a fermenter.

PS:  Please click here to learn how to Sanitise and Mount your PLAATO Device

Also remember to follow the instructions provided in the PLAATO Pro app for optimal fermentation.


Alright, you're set to brew like a pro. Go ahead and let the fermentation fun begin!
🍻 Cheers!