Podcast Launch: Another Round with PLAATO

Podcast Launch: Another Round with PLAATO

At PLAATO we are privileged to work with entrepreneurs and companies in more than 25 countries all over the world, from Canada to Japan.

There are many hardworking and innovative people in the industry, everyone with their own unique history, perspective, and products.

We want to learn more about these stories and share them with others, so perhaps you can learn something new, or be inspired in your everyday work. Therefore we are partnering with Jørn Idar Kvig, Norwegian Beerfluencer and experienced podcast host, to start our very own podcast called Another Round. 

In Another Round we interview guests from all over the world with a special story to share with us. We will be talking to a wide array of people, from different paths and occupation within the business. Brewers, cidermakers, fermentation specialists, historians and more, to get an in depth knowledge and understanding of fermentation and the community surrounding it. 

Listen to the first episode: 


Episodes will be dropping every other Tuesday, and will be available on the major podcast-hosts and apps. If you have any suggestions for guests or topics, or any feedback at all on Another Round, feel free to contact us at hello@plaato.io. 

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