Introduce New Perspectives

Giving Fermentation a Voice

Understanding the most magic part of brewing is essential to produce products with a high level of quality, repeatability and efficiency.

PLAATO aims to contribute by transforming biological activity to intuitive data - ready visualized and accessible to students of all levels.

Real-time Data

Include a range of parameters in the educational program.

Fermentation Activity
Get insight into the fermentation activity of your brew. Know when your fermentation starts and ends.

Know the ambient temperature of your brewing environment. Learn how the temperature affects the fermentation.

Specific Gravity
Get the Real-Time Estimate of the current gravity of your brew. Know when the brew is at the target FG.

In the Classroom

Encourage creativity and expose students to professional-level technology that prepares them for the future.

In the Lab

Affordably incorporate desktop Fermentation Analyzers into your lab, with minimal footprint. Manage multiple analyzers from the online dashboard.
Yeast characterization
Use fermentation activity reports to characterize the different strains of yeast.
Give students access
Both app and web-app is available for students to analyze data.
Run complete fermentations
Increase the frequency of test-batches and grant the students access to the complete fermentation.

The future of innovative education is starting now.

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