Low Investment, High Return
Upgrade for Industrial Brewing

Optimize Production With Real-Time Fermentation Monitoring

Compare generations of yeast, pitch-rates and temperatures to assure repeatability, quality and economy.


Compare analytical data with the sensory evaluation, and get an extra dimension to further understand how to optimize repeatability.

Maximize capacity

Compare analytical data with the sensory evaluation, and get an extra dimension of data-set to further understand how to optimize repeatability.

Prove ROI
in Months

Access to automatic, batch-specific data can significantly reduce cost and time
compared to traditional, labor-intensive methods.

The continuous data-stream, including quantitative measures of Fermentation Activity, SG- and ABV%- estimations and Temperature opens up a new world of insight - ready to be analyzed and implemented.

Implement Real-time Data

Include a range of parameters in the daily QA-routine.

Fermentation Activity
Get insight into the fermentation activity of your brew. Know when your fermentation starts and ends.

Know the ambient temperature of your brewing environment. Learn how the temperature affects the fermentation.

Specific Gravity
Get the Real-Time Estimate of the current gravity of your brew. Know when the brew is at the target FG.

Quality Assurance - In all stages

More and more breweries, across fermentation industries, are building their businesses with quality assurance as a key focus area.

Understanding the value of how data from QA-staff can be used throughout the brewery, opens up for a streamlined production with increased quality, repeatability and capacity.

Learn how Oslo Brewing Company and NMBU are adding real-time fermentation monitoring in their tool-set to assure long-term QA-abilities.

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