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And learn how temperature affects the lag-phases, fermentation rate and taste.
"After a day, data started really coming in. It was pretty cool to track the changes."
"an ideal setup for home brewers concerned with sanitization and ease of use."
"All in all, the Plaato digital airlock is a great bit of kit."
"... the broader point is that whether you’re a n00b or a pro, devices like Brewie and Plaato and BEERMKR are making homebrewing as easy and as sweet as chocolate (stout)."

Key Fermentation Parameters

Get access to analytical batch-specific data that empowers researchers and brewers to continue the development of new products and methods.

Know when your beer is fermenting

PLAATO is connected to your local WiFi, and transmits data every fifth minute - giving you instant access to the fermenter.

Get Experimental

Get batch-specific data from different yeast-strains, and do
in-depth analyzing.

Grant access to your fermenters

Give those you want direct access to your ongoing brew.
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