PLAATO Keg Professional

Keep track of all your kegs

PLAATO Keg Professional knows how much beer is left in every keg at any time. Because the data is stored in the cloud real-time you can always go back and see how much beer that was left in the keg at any time.

Limit waste

Limiting waste is one of the key economical elements of daily routines. Our goal is to provide a tool that reduces the waste with up to 20% - and has a ROI as quickly as possible,

PLAATO Keg Professional helps you identify and limit:

1. Unauthorized pours
2. Over pouring
3. Issues with the lines
4. Unused kegs




Load Cells Flow-meter




Inline cleaning needed

Absolute measurement. Measures directly
the remaining beer in the Keg

Initial volume measurement needed

Flexible Placement

Stationary Placement

Identify any abnormalities

Keep track of every pour

Know every beer that has been poured, when it was poured, how much and from which keg. Compare historical data with high accuracy so you get a better understanding of your sale and consumption.

Proprietary hardware

Fits all kegs

Industry-standard accuracy

High-quality, full-bridge load-cells makes the PLAATO Keg Professional highly accurate, even on the smallest pours (and on the bigger ones).

Simple non-invasive installation

The simple and fast installation gets you started in no time. The Plaato Keg Professional is completely non-invasive so you don't have to deal with cleaning and maintenance. The system works in all setups so you don't have to invest in expensive changes to your storage location.

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