PLAATO Pro In Your Brewery

Fermentation is one of the most resource-intensive processes in a brewery. PLAATO Pro gives you a comprehensive understanding of all your fermenters and ongoing fermentations to assist you in perfecting your operations and achieving the perfect brew.

Fermenter Upgrade

The PLAATO Pro Sensor is the enabler to get started. It sits in direct contact with the fermenting liquid through a 1.5" tri-clamp port on the fermenter. PLAATO designed advanced tuning-fork technology is used to measure the density of the liquid.

Unique Fermentation Profiles

Unique brewing insights are accessible through the PLAATO mobile apps and web app to the whole brewery staff. Real-time insights enable you to start optimize production, planning, and recipe development from batch to batch. 

Get The Most Out Of Your Brews

  • Compare and overlay batch data to improve your brews and see differences between recipes and i.e. generations of yeast.
  • Set custom notifications for key fermentation events. I.e. set temperature alerts if temperature gets out of range.
  • Share data will all your brewery staff.

Improve Brewery ROI

  1. By pinpointing the exact end of fermentation, you can improve the turnover in your tanks. On average breweries can increase capacity by up to 10% when using PLAATO Pro.
  2. Saving time and liquid tapped every day as part of manual sampling adds up throughout a year. Do you know the hidden cost of manual samples in your brewery?

Meet Our Customers

PLAATO is working with breweries, cideries, and distilleries in over 30 countries. Hear how they have benefitted from using PLAATO Pro:

"Plaato Pro has saved me on more than once. On one occasion, I was able to remotely check on my ongoing fermentation and I noticed that the temperature was higher than normal..Being able to see that our glycol chiller was not on... helped me take action and save our batches." - Andrew, The Brewery at Tirrito Farms

In-depth Fermentation Updates

Get to know your fermentation on a new level in the PLAATO App and Webapp.

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Technical Specifications

Installation and Maintenance

Plug & play tri clamp connection: Tri-Clamp 1.5” or DN25-50. 5-minute installation.
Completely wireless: No cabling needed & up to 6 months battery life (replaceable). PLAATO Pro transmits data wireless to the PLAATO Cloud.
App Availability: Webapp, iOS App, or Android App.
Waterproof: Designed with the brewers environment in mind, PLAATO Pro is made from durable materials and FDA-approved stainless steel.
Modular Lid & rail-on system: PLAATO Pro's lid is updatable with future add-ons, such as screens and sensors. The built-in rail system allows you to upgrade your PLAATO Pro with future add-ons.

Food Grade
Wetted materials: 100% SS304.


Temperature: ± 0.1 °C / ± 0.2 °F in fermentation temperatures

Density: ±0.50 °Plato / ±0.002 in fermentation processes ranging from 0 to 19° Plato (1.000 to 1.080 SG).


2x C-cell Alkaline (replaceable)

Battery life: up to 6 months


Resonating tuning-fork density meter
Temperature sensor


WiFi 2.4 GHz
Range: 200m / 650 feet


Temperature: Celsius / Fahrenheit
Density: Specific Gravity, °Plato
Fermentation Activity: °Plato/hour

Process Conditions

Temperature: -0 to +40 °C (32 to 104 °F)
Pressure: -1 to +6 bar (-14.5 to +87 PSI)
Density: >0.9 g/m3(> -28 °Plato)
Specs:  The diameter of the fork inserted into the tank is 21.5MM/ 0.85", the length of the fork inserted into the tank is 290MM/ 11.5". The total length of the fork is 450MM/ 17.7"
Min tank size: 100L. Minimum 50cm/ 20" of liquid is necessary above the probe.


Integrations available:

- Breww

- Brewman

- Beer 30


Menu language: English
Wetted materials: 304 Stainless Steel
CE, FDA, ROHS, FCC, EAC, IC, GMP, and EC no 1935/2004
Integrations: API