Unleash your fermenters potential

Meet PLAATO Pro.
The real-time fermentation monitoring system for professional brewers.

Automatically measures SG & Temp every 30th minute
Increases fermenter production capacity with up to 10%
• Make data-informed decisions to increase quality and repeatability
Reduce manual sampling cost with up to 90%

Gain quality with deep insights

Get in-depth understanding of your fermentation processes in the PLAATO Webapp.

• Compare and learn from every batch
• Remotely check when a batch is finished fermenting
• Plan batches ahead of time

The power of data-driven brewing

48 samples per day. 0 labor cost.

Save 3-6 hours of sampling every week. Access real-time temperature and gravity readings from your smart phone from anywhere.

10% higher production per tank

Know the exact start and end of fermentation and increase turnover in the fermenters. Optimize cooling.

No longer a black hole

Learn from every fermentation. Compare batches and improve recipes based on data-driven insights. React to unstable fermentations in real-time.

Set custom alerts

Get updated about your ongoing batches in real-time. Know instantly if something is not going according to plan.

Target SG is reached, ready to spund, dry-hop, cold-crash or transfer
Temperature warning, a batch has exceed the preset limit

Compare & learn from every batch

The PLAATO Web-app allows you to dive deeper.
Access ongoing and historical batches.
• Yeast
- Strains, pitching, generations.
• Temperature - Profile optimization.
• Fermentation - Start & end, max/min-rate, lag phase.
• Timing - Dry hopping, diacetyl rest, cold crash, transfer.

Meet the PLAATO Community

Hopsized Brewing, Bonita Springs, Florida

Plaato Pro has saved me a lot of time and headaches from having to constantly check gravities; or coming back into the Brewhouse extra early the day after brewing to make sure that the yeast has kicked off and not in a lagging state.

Beer Flag Oslo, Norway

“I can see straight away when the fermentation is finished, so I can improve the turnover of the beers in the fermentors.”

Bentley Brook Brewing, Matlock, UK

"We have loved to being able to check the status of fermentation on demand, without having to go down the the brewery. We can do it from home, any time of day or night."
"It is game changing fermentation".

Get started

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Technical specifications

How it works

PLAATO Pro is an inline density meter that sits in direct contact with the fermenting liquid through a 1.5" Tri Clamp port on the fermenter.

Advanced tuning-fork technology is used to measure the density of the liquid, by energizing the stainless steel probe to its own resonating frequency - which is directly proportional to the density of the liquid.

The PLAATO Pro is wifi connected and no cabling is needed. With the PLAATO Pro you will receive a connector that can easily be plugged into your existing Wifi network. You will be able to access all insights through the PLAATO Pro App (iOS and Android) or Webapp. API is available.


Temperature: ± 0.1 °C / ± 0.2 °F in fermentation temperatures

Density: ±0.50 °Plato / ±0.002 in fermentation processes ranging from 0 to 19° Plato (1.000 to 1.080 SG).

Installation and Maintenance

Plug & play tri clamp connection: Tri-Clamp 1.5” or DN25-50. 5-minute installation.
Completely wireless: No cabling needed & up to 6 months battery life (replaceable). PLAATO Pro transmits data wireless to the PLAATO Cloud.
App Availability: Webapp, iOS App, or Android App.
Waterproof: Designed with the brewers environment in mind, PLAATO Pro is made from durable materials and FDA-approved stainless steel.
Modular Lid & rail-on system: PLAATO Pro's lid is updatable with future add-ons, such as screens and sensors. The built-in rail system allows you to upgrade your PLAATO Pro with future add-ons.

Food Grade & CIP
Wetted materials: 100% SS304.
CIP and SIP compliant


2x C-cell Alkaline (replaceable)

Battery life: 6 months


Resonating tuning-fork density meter
Temperature sensor


WiFi 2.4 GHz
Range: 200m / 650 feet


Temperature: Celsius / Fahrenheit
Density: Specific Gravity, °Plato
Fermentation Activity: °Plato/hour

Process Conditions

Temperature: -0 to +85 °C (32 to 185 °F)
Pressure: -1 to +6 bar (-14.5 to +87 PSI)
Density: >0.9 g/m3(> -28 °Plato)
Specs:  The diameter of the fork inserted into the tank is 21.5MM/ 0.85", the length of the fork inserted into the tank is 290MM/ 11.5". The total length of the fork is 450MM/ 17.7"
Min tank size: 100L


Menu language: English
Wetted materials: 304 Stainless Steel
CE, FDA, ROHS, FCC, EAC, IC, GMP, and EC no 1935/2004
Itegrations: API