Meet the PLAATO Pro Community

The PLAATO Pro community spans from Tasmania to Canada, from South Africa to Norway. PLAATO is on a mission to change the way the world is looking at fermentation. On this page you will meet a few members of our community, who shared their learnings about getting started with data driven brewing.

Omnipollo Church

Stockholm, Sweden

“Plaato Pro was very easy to get started with, and it has been easy to use to make new recipes, and start batches.

I have preferred using the Web App to read our fermentation graphs, it is a bit harder for me to read these on the Mobile App. We have continued with our manual samples, and the Plaato Pro has been very accurate when we compare them. I like that it gives us readings several times over the day.”

- Marie Kusa, Lead Brewer at Omnipollo, Sweden

Fringe Beerworks

Missouri, United States

We started our first batch on Thursday and by Friday had reached 50% of our desired fermentation completion. We have been amazed at the live readings and were able to get the first batch out quicker by 2 days. We would have let the beer set in the fermentations vessel for the next week. We are a full week ahead of schedule and were able to get the beer off to the supplier a week ahead of time with the Plaato Pro in use."

- Mark Myers, Head Brewer

Lock 27 Brewing

Ohio, United States

"I am extremely happy with PLAATO Pro. It has saved myself and my team time and energy. 

Although we still take manual measurements each workday, I can easily look at all my beers and if I need to come in after hours, I will know by looking at the app, and not wasting my time coming in too early or too late to tend to a beer, or even on the weekends!"

- Spencer, Manager

Hopsized Brewing

Florida, United States

"I have been recommending, and just showing off the Plaato Pro to all my local brewer friends showing them how helpful it is. Because as a brewer you can much more easily manage fermentation without risk of infection, and have much more precise and time sensitive fermentation documentation."

Bentley Brook Brewery

Matlock, United Kingdom

"...the main benefit for us has been knowing when to start the main fermentation and post fermentation processes; dry hopping and cold crashing. It is game changing fermentation”.

Beer Flag

Oslo, Norway

“I can see straight away when the fermentation is finished, so I can improve the turnover of the beers in the fermentors.”

- Eugenia, Head Brewer

Bray Brooke Beer

Market Harborough, United Kingdom

"...As the time in the lagering tank is fixed, determining the end of fermentation in real-time with Plaato Pro has greatly helps us in cellar management, allowing us to fit in more batches throughout the year, resulting in more beer being produced and money saved."

- Alexis, Head Brewer

Braeloch Brewing

Pennsylvania, United States

"The Plaato Pro is simple, effective and creates little to no additional work in the brewhouse in order to use and maintain. 

I would highly recommend it to any brewhouse serious about remote monitoring!"

- Ronnie Chesson, Lead Brewer

Fae Nectar

North Carolina, United States

“Nothing compares to looking at a chart and seeing exactly when it [the fermentation] looks like it will be done.” 

This helps me predict when our batches will be done and this in turn helps with our goal of developing a structured brewing cycle. To be able to understand with certainty what our brewing cycle is enables us to forecast everything else like financials and staffing.

“Having data, in a good presentable format and over time gives me confidence to plan”.

The Brewery at Tirrito Farms

Arizona, United States.

"Plaato Pro has saved me more than once. On one occasion, I was able to remotely check on my ongoing fermentation and I noticed that the temperature was higher than normal. This indicated our glycol chiller was not on. Being able to see that our glycol chiller was not on through Plaato Pro helped me take action and save our batches."

- Andrew, Head Brewer


Québec, Canada

"Plaato Pro helps us enormously to have a very precise follow-up of the fermentation... in order to have the perfect timing for the next steps… such as: dry hopping, natural carbonation by spunding, transfer beer, etc.

What I liked most about brewing with Plaato Pro, is the accuracy of the data...With the data we can follow the fermentation more precisely in order to react quickly and this helps us avoid losses!

In three words my experience brewing with Plaato Pro so far has been: Stability, Data accuracy and perfection."

- John, Owner at Napiel