Pressure sensor brewing


Get better control and access real-time data from anywhere.

Pressure Fermentations

The Wireless pressure sensor fits most fermenters designed for fermentation under pressure.

Push Notifications

If the pressure deviates from your previously set values, you will be notified with a push notification.

Carbonation Tool

Combines the real-time pressure of your fermenter with the temperature, and calculates the level of dissolved CO2 in the beer.

Wireless pressure sensors in brewing

The PLAATO Wireless Pressure sensor can be used throughout your brewing setup. Each sensor is connected to the PLAATO-cloud through WiFi, and is accessible on either iOS, Android or Web.

Functionality for the Plaato Pressure includes:

  • Fermentation under pressure
  • Monitoring the pressure of regulators
  • Protection against over- or under-carbonation

Industrial Accuracy

High-quality, industrial quality pressure sensors made of SS316L
provides excellent repeatability and accuracy.

Product Specifications

PLAATO Pressure Sensor is a Plug & Play, multi-purpose, wireless Pressure sensor made of 316L Stainless Steel with industrial accuracy.

The sensor is highly versatile and fits most fermenters.

  • Pressure range: 0-10 bar (0-145PSI)
  • Operating Temperature: -25°C to 85°C (-13°F to 185°F)
  • Accuracy: ± 0.5 %FS
  • Real-time Pressure Data
  • Wireless technology: WiFi
  • Excellent long-term stability
  • Threaded connection
  • USB-powered
  • 304L Stainless Steel
  • Historical Data
  • Custom Push-Notifications
  • High Overpressure Rating

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