PLAATO's Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

In the following we explain what personal data we process and why we do it. We strive to always provide you accurate, complete, and updated information about our data processing. We hope this document answers your questions. However, should you have any more questions to us, feel free to contact us [here].

All references to “we” and “us” and “ours” in this document refers to the Norwegian company Plaato Technologies AS. We are the controller and hence responsible for the data processing described in this policy.

We are subject to the EU 2016/679 General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). Our privacy policy is intended to be in full compliance with the rules of the GDPR. 

  • The personal data we collect and why we collect it

  • Ordering and setting up user accounts

  • We collect the following personal data about our customers upon ordering our services:

    • Name
    • E-mail address
    • Name of company (professional customers)
    • Name of contact person (professional customers)

    We also collect the name and e-mail address of all other individuals using our services on behalf of our customers, such as customer’s employees, agents or anyone else that the customer has authorised to use our services on its behalf. 

    The e-mail addresses and names are used to connect users to their accounts. The e-mail address is also used for re-setting passwords if the user has forgotten the password set upon creating the account.

    The information will only be stored as long as the user has an active account. The user may delete the account at any time. Inactive accounts will be deleted (following notification) after being inactive for 12 months. 

    The legal basis for this processing is GDPR art. 6 (1) (b). 

  • Invoicing and bookkeeping

  • We process the name, payment amount and name of contact person (professional customer) to invoice the customer in accordance with the customer agreement. 

    The invoice information will be kept on file for five years in accordance with Clause 13 of the Norwegian Bookkeeping Act (bokføringsloven). 

    We may retain the information for a longer time in exceptional cases, if we need to in order to defend a legal claim in accordance with GDPR art. 17 (3) (e).

  • User statistics and personalised services (optional)

  • We collect statistical information about how our services are used, such as the number of users, the time the service is used, the duration of user sessions and what functions that are most popular for our users. 

    The collection of such statistical data is used to inform us on how the service is used, which in turn help us to improve and further develop our services with new functionality. 

    We may also use statistical data about individual user to provide a more personalised user interface, for example with a personalised user panel of favourite functions for each individual user. 

    The collection of statistical data is based on the user’s consent in accordance with GDPR art. 6 (1) (a). 

    We collect statistical information with information capsules (cookies) and similar technologies. You may read more about our use of cookies [here]. 

  • Newsletter service (optional)

  • We offer a newsletter for all who want to follow the latest about our products and services. We store the name and e-mail address for all newsletter subscribers. Subscription is optional and may be withdrawn at any time, either by clicking the unsubscribe button in one of the e-mail newsletter we sent out, or by contacting us [here]. 

    The provision of our newsletter service is based on the subscriber’s consent, in accordance with GDPR art. 6 (1) (a). 

  • Online statistics and marketing (optional)

  • We use information capsules (cookies) and similar technologies on our website to collect data about how our website is used, for example how many visitors we have, how long time our visitors spend on our website and what pages our visitors are interested when they visit.

    The information is used for statistical purposes to enable us to better understand what our visitors are interested in. We use this information to continually improve our website. 

    The information may also be used for online marketing purposes. For example, if you have visited our website, you may later see and advertisement from us on a platform that we advertise on, for example Facebook, Instagram or in Google Search. 

    The collection of the information is based on consent, in accordance with GDPR art. 6 (1) a). You may read more about our use of cookies [here]. 

  • Customer service and sales

  • We offer customer service through our website. You may contact us on the front page through a chat service. We also offer customer service by e-mail. 

    We also offer customer service and ordering by phone. The name, location, phone number and e-mail address of the caller will be collected. 

    The personal data will be stored for a duration of [6 months]. Our basis for the collection of data is GDPR art. 6 (1) (b). The log may be stored for a longer time in exceptional cases, if needed to defend a legal claim, in accordance with GDPR art. 17 (3) (e).

  • Social media platforms

  • We are present social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and LinkedIn. Personal data may be collected when you visit our pages on social media platforms. However, such personal data is not available to us. We encourage you to contact the relevant social media provider directly if you have any questions or concerns about how the provider process your personal data. 

  • The use of cookies and similar technologies

  • We use information capsules (cookies) and similar technologies in our application offered to our users and on our website. Cookies are small text files that are locally store on your computer. The text file may include information about when you visited a website, the duration of your visit and the pages. Cookies may be deleted by yourselves in the settings of your web browser. See the instructions for the most commonly used browsers here:




    We also use similar collection technologies, such as pixels and log-in functionality that enable us to collect statistical data as supplement to the information collected with the aid of cookies. Pixels is a small dot on a website or an app that enable us to recognize that you have visited the page. 

    Some of the cookies we use are strictly necessary for the website to function, for example cookies that enable the website to save you immediate choices to take you to the right place on the website. Strictly necessary cookies are activated by default. If you delete them in your browser, you may still use our website, but it might not work properly. 

    Some of the cookies are optional and based on your consent. These cookies are used for statistics, personalised services and online marketing as explain in the first section of our privacy policy above. 

    The cookies we use are:

    [Insert table of cookies with name, provider, function (either strictly necessary or optional cookie) and storage time]. 

  • Your rights 

  • You have the right to obtain information about the personal data that we process about you. You also have to right to access all your personal data upon request and request us to correct any wrongful information we may have about you. 

    You have the right to request us to delete personal data that is no longer necessary to process in accordance with our stated processing purpose. Please note that we regularly delete your personal data automatically when we no longer have a reason to process it. 

    If consent is the legal basis for processing of your personal data, you may at any time withdraw your consent by contacting us.

    You may also file a complaint to the data protection supervisory authority in Norway (Datatilsynet) or to your local authority if you are located in a country within the European Union or European Economic Area. 

  • Recipients of your personal data

  • We share personal data with several partners. A full list of partners and the reason that we share data with them is explained in the table below.


    [what to they do]

    [role, processor agreement or controller]



    Payment Processor US


    Website Analytics

    Google Analytics

    Website Analytics

    Facebook Pixel

    Website Analytics


    Website Analytics


    Website provider