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How does the referral program work?

I want to refer a friend

Fantastic! Referrals are available to all our customers. You will find your unique referral link in your app and web app. To receive credit for referrals, ensure your friends use your unique referral link during the sign-up process. You will be notified via email once a referral is successful.

Once they sign up and become a PLAATO customer you will receive a $250 discount on your next invoice. Your friend will get the same discount applied.

These conditions only apply to new customer sign ups. If your friend is already a customer of PLAATO you cannot earn rewards. The benefit can be unlocked once per referral contact.

I have been referred by a friend

Sign up through the unique referral code shared by your friends. Once you sign up and become a customer of PLAATO, you will receive a USD 250 discount on your order. Your friend will get a USD 250 discount on their next payment with PLAATO.

Referral Rewards

Reward Distribution: Your $250 discount will be applied to your next invoice after your referred friend successfully signs up and makes a purchase.

Friend's Discount: Your referred friend will also receive a $250 discount on their first purchase.


The PLAATO referral program is available to all PLAATO customers. There is a limit of one reward per referral contact. The referral reward is only unlocked if your friend is a new customer of PLAATO.


For questions about the referral program please contact your customer support representative or email