The cost of manual density sampling

What is the cost of manual density sampling?

Regularely taking density samples is instrumental to securing high quality products. But do you know the cost of taking density samples? Calculate the cost of manual fermentation samples in your brewery, distillery, or cidery below.

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What is the impact on your brewery?

How can I interpret these results?
Every time you or your brewery staff member take density samples, a small amount of liquid is tapped. On a one time basis, this may not seem like a lot. However, accumulated over time tapping a small amount regularly accumulates to significant liquid loss. You also need to remember that your time or your brewery staff's time is one of the most valuable resources in the production. When you take time to take density samples, this is time that you cannot spend on more valuable and less repetitive tasks. Combined these two give you a calculation on money spent on taking samples. Many brewers will choose not to completely substitute taking manual sampling, for automated solutions such as PLAATO, but it is important to take into consideration the overall cost of doing so.

How can you optimize the process of taking density samples?

How can you optimize the process of taking density samples? Solutions such as PLAATO Pro can automate and digitalise the process of taking samples and make these available to you and your staff for analysis. The benefits of real-time fermentation insights are far reaching. One of the first and most imminent changes brewers notice is the time saved, including commuting to the brewery solely to take samples.

Why should you calculate the cost of manual density sampling?

Taking manual samples has a real financial effect on your brewery. The first step to optimizing brewery operations is being aware of the variables that can be improved. The next step could be to evaluate solutions such as Plaato Pro as an alternative to taking manual samples.

Optimize brewery operations

PLAATO Pro automates the process of sampling density and temperature in your brews and provides you with real-time insights accessible on your mobile and desktop devices. Spending less time on taking manual samples, both saves a lot of your valuable time as well as saving liquid tapped at every sample.