PLAATO Airlock V3

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Start real-time fermentation tracking:

• Fermentation activity
• Specific Gravity
• Alcohol percentage
• Ambient temperature

The package includes everything you need to get started with real-time fermentation monitoring, including: PLAATO Airlock V3 with redesigned bubbler and lid and a 3m Power cable.

How it works

PLAATO Airlock measures the specific gravity of your beer during fermentation, and transmits the data every fifth minute to the PLAATO App through WiFi.

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PLAATO Airlock in action

On this 25 hours Timelapse you can see how alcohol levels rise from 0% to 5.9%.

"it’s a useful and attractively priced tool to measure the progress of the most important stage in brewing"


PLAATO Airlock

Know when your beer has
started fermenting

PLAATO is connected to your local WiFi, and transmits data every fifth minute - giving you instant access to the fermenter.

Grant access to the PLAATO app
to your friends

Give those you want direct access to your ongoing brew.

Integratable to
your favourite brewing software

Get everything in the same place - and track your fermentation directly from Brewfather or other brewing platforms.

Using the PLAATO Airlock

Can I get access to the raw data?

Yes, there are three ways to get hold of the data.

1. You can export the data from the app and get three .csv files with the raw data.

2. You can access the data with our API, read more about that here.

3. You can connect a webhook to the device in the app. So everytime the airlock sends data it will send a packet with the data to the webhook. Read more about the webhook here.

How does it work?

In short, the Airlock measures the co2 being produced in the fermentation and uses that to estimate the Specific Gravity.

You can read more about the science behind the PLAATO Airlock here.

Can it be used in other types of fermentations?

Yes, you can use it on all types fermentations. Wine, cider, mead, moonshine - Plaato works on every fermentation you would like to try.

What is maximum batch size?

The operational batch size is 1 - 13 US gallons/ 2 - 50L.

Plaato is designed for typical homebrewer fermenters around 6.5 US gallons/ 25 liters and will work best for those. Some brewers have tried using the Airlock on batches over 13 US gallons / 50 liters and even 16 US gallons / 60 liters with good results, it is just a practical matter of much CO2 can go through the airlock. If you ferment at low temperatures, the fermentation activity will be lower and Airlock can work well on larger batches.

Can I dry hop during fermentation?

You can open your fermenter and dry hop as normal. The small amount of CO2 that escapes when the lid is taken off, only affects the measurements marginally. In addition since dry hopping normally is done during secondary fermentation, the remaining CO2 that the wort will produce is low.

Can it be disinfected?

Yes, Plaato is 100% compatible with StarSan, bleach and other products available for disinfection. Do not use StarSan, bleach and other foamy agents in the airlock during fermentation.

Where can I find the user manual?

You'll find the user manual here.

You can also watch the video on how to use it here.

What are PLAATO Airlock's technical specifications?

Weight- 101 grams


- Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

- USB powered
- (Micro USB cable included)

- All FDA approved
- Tritan
- Polypropylene

- Wheatstone-connected load-cells
- Temperature sensor

App availibility
- IOS and Android

App language

- English