PLAATO Keg Management System

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PLAATO KEG is the first all-in-one system that keeps a track of important aspects of your kegs, including how much is left in your keg and the volume of each pour. It is the ultimate brewers companion. Integrate PLAATO Keg to your favourite brewing software.

What you get:

PLAATO Keg, Free IOS & Android App, 3m Magnetic Cable, One-Year Limited Warranty.

How it works

High precision load cells measure exactly how much beer is left in your kegs and how much is being poured. PLAATO Keg is waterproof and made for the brewer environment.

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The Ultimate Keg Management System

Monitor your kegs remotely

Get notified of every pour

Never tap out

Connect multiple Kegs in your App


Keg Reviews

David Heath

"The product works just great".

Craft Beer and Brewing

"If you’re a data junkie like we are, the answer is a no-brainer—of course, it’s worth it to have this volume of diverting info at your fingertips."

Beer-n-BBQ by Larry

"It works pretty darn well. I´m actually very impressed."



Monitor your kegs

Get full control over all of your kegs. Highly accurate
load-cellskeeps track of the good stuff, and yes
the beer’s gravity is included in the calculations.


Made for the brewer environment

Made to withstand even the roughest environments, and at the same time keeping the measurements right on the spot. Of course, PLAATO Keg is water and beer-proof!

Frequently Asked Questions PLAATO Keg

Can I get access to the raw data?

Yes, you can access the raw data:

1. You can export the data from the app and get three .csv files with the raw data.

2. You can access the data with our API.

Read more here.

PLAATO Keg Technical Specifications

Size and Weight

Size: 1.0 Inch / 25 MM x 8.9 Inch / 225 MM- Weight: 308 grams


Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz

- USB powered
- (Micro USB cable included)

- All FDA approved
- Tritan
- Polypropylene
- Wheatstone-connected load-cells
- Temperature sensor
App availibility
- IOS and Android

App language

- English

Where can I find the user manual?

You can see the user manual here.

You can also watch the video on how to use it here.

PLAATO Keg Features

- Keg volume: 0-50L / 0-12 US Gal
- Resolution: 10ml / 0.33oz
- Update frequency: 10Hz
- Pour status
- Last pour size
- Temperature (Celcius and Farenheit)
- Historical data

Available Integrations

Brewfather:Get all the data from your Plaato Keg into your favourite brewing software. beer menus with real-time keg levels gathered from your Plaato Keg.

Warranty and Return Policy

After your Plaato Keg has been delivered, we offer a 30-day return policy. This includes afull refund and free return, no questions asked.

We offer a one-year limited warranty on all purchases. Read more about our warranty policyhere.

Shipping Policy and Local Taxes

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