The world's first fermentation analyzer

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    "The technically and aesthetically sophisticated design of Plaato brings the airlock traditionally used in beer brewing into the digital age".

    - The Red-Dot Jury

The world's first fermentation analyzer

For the first time you can get deep insight in the fermentations of your beer. PLAATO Airlock optically measures the fermentation activity of any brew and lets you know when the fermentation starts, and when the fermentation is complete.

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  • "After a day, data started really coming in. It was pretty cool to track the changes."

    - Brew Dudes

  • "... an ideal setup for home brewers concerned with sanitization and ease of use."

    - The New School

  • "All in all, the Plaato digital airlock is a great bit of kit."

    - Humebrew

Accessible from wherever

PLAATO is directly connected to internet, giving you remote access from anywhere, at any time.

Key features

  • Measures fermentation activity

    Get insight into the fermentation activity of your brew. Know when your fermentation starts and ends.

  • Measures temperature

    Know the ambient temperature of your brewing environment. Learn how the temperature affects the fermentation.

  • Estimates Specific Gravity

    Always get an up to date estimate of the current gravity of your brew. Know when the brew is at the target FG.

  • Always connected

    Get remote access to your ongoing fermentation. Know how the fermentation is doing from wherever.

  • IOS & Android app

    All data about the fermentation is accessible from the app. See how the fermentation is doing at a glance.

  • Fits all fermentors

    Use it on any fermentor. 


We are confident that you’ll love PLAATO Airlock. Try it for 30 days and in the unlikely event that you want to return it, we offer a free return and a full refund.

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