Upgrade any fermenter into a smart fermenter and access critical real-time fermentation data in the PLAATO Pro App. You can learn from every batch and start to improve and optimize based on your fermentation insights.

About PLAATO Pro

A window into your fermentation

Use the advanced PLAATO software to increase repeatability, quality and production capacity.

• Set custom Notifications (SG & Temp)
• Determine end of fermentation
• Optimize dry hop timing
• Get 48 SG samples per day
• Compare up to 4 batches

Plug & play 5 minute installation

Get smart fermenters in less than five minutes. Installs directly on 1.5" TC-ports.

• Measures SG & Temperature
• Completely wireless & battery operated
• Industrial accuracy
• 100% SS304 Stainless Steel

PLAATO For Homebrewers


PLAATO Airlock

PLAATO Airlock measures the Fermentation Activity and estimates the Specific Gravity of your beer during fermentation, and transmits the data every fifth minute to the PLAATO App through WiFi.



PLAATO Keg is a Digital Keg Management System developed for monitoring of beer kegs.

From USD $116.